Multiple Sclerosis… and ME

Read about life with MS and fundraising for National MS Society! See how you can share and help with the movement!

I was diagnosed with MS back in 2015 at the young age of 24.   I struggled for a solid year with numbness, loss of vision, balance issues along with a long list of other problems.  Finally I found the answer.. Multiple Sclerosis which is an auto immune disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.   MS is very unpredictable and effects everyone diagnosed different.  The cause of MS is still unknown but much ground breaking research is being done today and growing rapidly.

I volunteered with the MS Society when I first moved to Colorado back in 2013.  I had a friend who’s mother had been struggling with MS so I went to support her and many others.   I was inspired by the pure fight in many of these people, and the support from their friends and family and was just awed at such a great Society and cause that I wanted to keep helping.  Every year after, I would participate in the walk MS, until one day my participation status changed.  I went from being someone that knew a person with MS, to being the one people know with MS.

The National MS Society gave me an outlet for dealing with my MS diagnosis.  I started my own Walk MS team and ran with it.  I loved being able to talk about my MS and not being scared or having it be a “crutch” for me.  I liked letting people know that yes… I have MS, but MS does NOT have me.  It gave me power and pushed me through the first few motions and the tough times.

I’ve raised over $30,000 dollars with my team, Janel’s Myelin Security.  What does the name mean?? Well.. I wanted a name with a real “punch” With MS, the white blood cells start attacking our own bodies on the inside and destroy the myelin that is the coating to the nerves in the body.   My walk MS team, my friends and family and the many that I meet and ask to join my team are now essentially my Myelin protectors.. or Myelin Security. 🙂

Do you have or know someone living with MS?  Do you want to be apart of a team that helps so many people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? OR do you enjoy raising money for a non profit and would like to donate your time?  Check out my Janel’s Myelin Security WALK MS TEAM PAGE and join us!

**Since living in Germany, I haven’t found a way to be a major contributor to the MS community. BUT I plan on changing that!  With the world being so connected through technology, I am starting a movement with raising funds for this next year through the internet.  Share my page to anyone and everyone!  LETS fight MS for the many people who struggle with getting out of bed because of this chronic illness or for the ones that aren’t able to walk and put on clothes today. WE can make tomorrow a better day for everyone.  #breakthroughMS #MSWarrior #strongertogheter

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Author: Janel Fisher

Hey there! My name is Janel Fisher and I'm the girl that is meeting this CRAZY and WONDERFUL world head on!! I like to travel, I LOVE to cook (oh and eat) and I enjoy any activity that is outside. I battle my disease every single day, Multiple Sclerosis but I DON'T let that slow me down. This world is such a HUGE place and I am here to share my world with you!

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