Paris Food Tour.. DO IT and thank me later

Sweet Treats Tour in PARIS.. OMG I was in HEAVEN!

We started our food tour in St. Germaine, a beautiful little area that is filled with things to do and plenty to eat!  Before we stared we mosied around the area and found an awesome/amazing second hand store that was totally ALL vintage!  Hats, fanny packs, jackets, dresses, you name it… they were all vintage and they were all amazing.  We also came across an art showing that was filled with artists selling their different types of art up and down the streets.

Finally it was time we met up with our tour guide and her love of food was just like mine, we started talking about macaroons and how they are so incredibly perfect, that’s when she told me that I would be extremely happy with the choice of the first stop… the whole time I was thinking, how can I get this job and be a food tour guide?? But if I were… I’d gain 50lbs! HA She said that’s why she didn’t take part in eating the wonderful treats anymore 😉

Soo…first stop, my fave, MACAROONS.  Lauderee was the name of the Macaroon store and they have been making macaroons for years. These treats are so incredibly delicious, they are crunchy on the outside, while a soft brownie like cookie is waiting under that crispy shell, then to elevate it even more, its filled with the most delicious cream fillings you’ve ever tried. I chose the chocolate, because I can’t ever not choose chocolate, my downfall.  My father had lemon, mother had almond one and my husband had a caramel macroon.  I got to try them all and they were all super delicious!

The next stop was at a Henri La Roux, it was a carmels shop. Not just ANY carmales, but these were “melt in your mouth” caramels that had any flavor you could dream.  I had the rose caramel and let me tell you, I could have happily devoured 10 more of those.  Some of the other choices were Salted Carmel, lemon and melon.

Our third stop, was an unexpected dream come true.  It was called Popelini.  Popelini creates these wonderful cream puffs that again, have creative flavors!   Once the tour was over.. we went back and bought a whole box! THAT is how good these things were.  There was a rum flavor, pistache, rose, mango, nutella and so many more!  YUMMM

Next on the tour was a place called Meert Patisserie.   This place was beautiful on the inside and had an amazing treat just waiting for us.  When I was told we were getting waffles I envisioned this thick fluffy waffle drenched with butter and syrup… nope… BUT Meert’s been long time famous for these unique version of the gaufre, a delicate waffle that is native to Holland, Belgium and northern France.  Meert’s version, recipe a long time secret, is an amazing mixture of a cream center with a vanilla or cinnamon twist in between a soft waffle outer crust.



Now for the Éclairs!  When you think Paris, I’m sure an Éclair pops in your head, right?  No…just me? Ha!  Anyways, these were the most amazingly decorated, hand made concoctions you’ve ever seen! Located at E’clair De Genie. 🙂


At this point we were STUFFED!  So many sweet treats but every bite being worth it, and eye opening to all the places that are hiding in Paris.  Make sure to either pop into a few of these places or take the tour, either way it is definitely worth it and show you what Paris and France or known for, the sweet sweet confectionary creations. IMG_2017


Author: Janel Fisher

Hey there! My name is Janel Fisher and I'm the girl that is meeting this CRAZY and WONDERFUL world head on!! I like to travel, I LOVE to cook (oh and eat) and I enjoy any activity that is outside. I battle my disease every single day, Multiple Sclerosis but I DON'T let that slow me down. This world is such a HUGE place and I am here to share my world with you!

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