Camels, Monkeys and Cobras… OH MY it’s Marrakech!

Dive in to adventure when reading about Marrakesh, Morocco!


Christmas in Germany… Weihnachtsmarkt

When the weather turns cold here in Europe everyone knows its time for the Christkindlmarkt! Christmas in Europe is a very special time of the year, from all the decorations to the beautiful winter foliage - there is sure to be something for everyone! I am sharing just a few of the Markets that I…

Paris Food Tour.. DO IT and thank me later

Sweet Treats Tour in PARIS.. OMG I was in HEAVEN! We started our food tour in St. Germaine, a beautiful little area that is filled with things to do and plenty to eat!  Before we stared we mosied around the area and found an awesome/amazing second hand store that was totally ALL vintage!  Hats, fanny…

Falling head over heals for this…. Kale salad!

#KALEyeahhh!! This salad hits the spot on a beautiful fall day when you are craving something juicy, light and filling! The highlights of this salad are the Kale, the Apples & Cranberries as well as the crunchy pecans! Oh and the dressing... don't forget the dressing!! With the sweet and crunchy aspects in the salad…