On a whim one day, we decided to buy a cheap ticket that got us to Manchester, England. When we were looking at what to do in the area, we decided to actually go to Liverpool – which is home to the Beatles (my hubs is a big fan).

Once we landed in Manchester, we then had to take a train to Liverpool which took about 45 minutes – we pre bought the tickets so we knew what time we took off and had enough time to find the train station – that was near by and in the airport but it was a long walk away from where we landed (different terminal).

We finally arrived in Liverpool and had gotten a hostel in the center of town, called the Everton Road Hostel.  It was a Beatle themed hostel that had several rooms but had 6+ people in most of them.  It was a little rough going, again because I’m not a fan of hostels but… I pushed through and made it work.  Anyway.. we dropped off our bags and headed out to explore BEATLES-MANIA!

Our first stop was the Cavern Club – where the Beatles first got their start and today they claim to be the most famous club in the world!   FYI – we found out that there were two “Cavern Clubs”, – one is the Cavern Pub, had live music & memorabilia while the other one is a replica of the actual Cavern Club where the Beatles use to play – along with a lot of other famous artists such as Freddie Mercury, Rolling Stones, the Who and many many more. They played mostly Beatles music all night long and had pretty decent prices on drinks.  You can grab a souvenir here and there are also other events that take place in the bar, so make sure to check it out – even if you aren’t a Beatles fan!

In the same area – there are a lot of other bars that were so much fun!  We stopped in a few of them and found a few more live bands too!

We woke up on Saturday morning knowing that we were heading back to Manchester but to partake in a Manchester United Football game.  We were pretty pumped for the game – and then we found out that we had tickets in the 100 Club – which meant we got to sit in a particular section and got food and drinks in our own little area (AWESOME)!  The game went by so quick and everyone was on the edge of their seats with intensity.  The Manchester United Soccer Club ended the game with a tie but I thought they played very well!

-My husband found the tickets through ticket master and we paid a pretty penny for them as well, since you technically have to be a soccer club member to get the tickets.  BUT if you are a soccer fan and have always wanted to go, there is a way!

We headed back to Liverpool on the train -JAM PACKED because the trains were having a strike – BUT we finally made it back and headed to the Cavern Club where we enjoyed ourselves again with all of the Beatles music! 🙂

On Sunday morning we had scheduled a Liverpool bike tour with a local who took us around the town of Liverpool.  It was a COLD ride but was worth facing the cold – we got the point of view from a local who grew up in Liverpool.  He took us all around and showed us the homes of Paul, John and Ringo’s childhood homes.  We visited the strawberry fields, Eleanor Rigby’s gravesite, and Penny Lane.   Also, we got to see the church where Paul & John met.  We then stopped to see the school where Paul, George and John all went to primary school.  It was a GREAT tour and the guide was very knowledgeable!  The bikes were the electric bikes – my first time being on one and it was partly why I enjoyed it so much! 😉 We booked the tour through Trip Advisor and was 88 euro for us both to partake in the 3.5 hour small group tour.

Once we finished with the bike tour – we went to the Beatles Story museum, where we learned even more about the Beatles and each of the guys separately and their lives.  It was a super neat museum and worth a visit!  We payed 38 euro for the both tickets and again booked the tour through Trip Advisor. 🙂 OR you could purchase tickets at the door.

Our guide on the bike tour told us to check out the Museum of Liverpool (FREE entry) because it had an exhibit on John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  It was really neat as well and had a few interactive parts, where you could write on the walls or leave behind good vibes for the future.

That night we had to switch hostels -in my opinion it was WAY better – called the YHA hostel.  It was located in the Baltic triangle of Liverpool (up and coming area), super neat area that was near the Albert Dock, which is packed full of restaurants, cafes, art stores and much more.

We had passed a place called Ghetto Golf earlier on our bike ride so we decided to check it out.  OMG – it was so much fun!!  They had DELICIOUS drinks, you could put 18 holes (that were all decked out with different themes) and eat yummy BBQ.  It only cost us about 20 euro and the drinks were about 5 euros each, but in all it was a cheap way to have some fun!

It was a quick trip again because we left on Friday and then panned our return for Monday, so at this point it was time to go home 😦  BUT we weren’t sad because we had so much fun in Liverpool and in Manchester, England.  It was also a refreshing change to be able to speak the language!

If you find yourself in the area, take a chance for an off the beaten path trip and visit Liverpool!





Author: Janel Fisher

Hey there! My name is Janel Fisher and I'm the girl that is meeting this CRAZY and WONDERFUL world head on!! I like to travel, I LOVE to cook (oh and eat) and I enjoy any activity that is outside. I battle my disease every single day, Multiple Sclerosis but I DON'T let that slow me down. This world is such a HUGE place and I am here to share my world with you!

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