Berlin Germany…Girls TRRRIIIPPPP!

Berlin is an awesome city! Full of new things around every corner and home to many festivals!

At the beginning of September myself and a group of girls decided we wanted to go to Lollapalooza, which was conveniently taking place in Berlin! We purchased our tickets for the festival and then found super CHEAP train tickets with the flix bus train.  Our trains only cost us 70 euro each ROUNDTRIP. Yes it was packed and yes it was old but.. it was 70 euro!

We arrived in Berlin about 2pm – we checked into our hotel which was literally right round the corner, Meininger Hotel and it somewhat setup as a hotel/hostel. Great location as far as close to the train to get in and get out of Berlin, but a little far off from everything else.  BUT like I said, it was a train station so we just hopped on the local transportation to get place to place.

On Friday night we went out to search for the rooftop Monkey Bar, such a super CUTE bar that has one of the best views of the city.  My pictures do not do it justice at all!  The cocktails were super yummy and creative!  There was also a restaurant upstairs called Neni that looked amazing and yummy, we didn’t get a chance to try because they were booked (so make reservations) – maybe next time i’ll get the chance to try it out! 🙂

After our drinks on top of the world… hehe – we headed out for dinner at L’Osteria which had a great selection of wine and beer.  Great service and served us delicious dishes of Italian…from Bruschetta, pizza, pastas and seafood dishes.


We called it a night because we knew the next few days were going to be rough!  HA

We woke up the next day, grabbed a lite breakfast and then headed out for the festival that was taking place in the Olympia Stadium (pretty neat to be where the 1936 Summer Olympics took place).

The next two days were filled with yummy food trucks and music that would make you dance for hours!  Our festival tickets only cost 140 euro for two days packed full of artists from around the world!  If you are ever over in Europe for a long period of time make sure to check one out!

On Sunday morning we woke up early so we could go visit a few sights and find breakfast. 🙂  We walked over to a place called House of Small Wonder… OMG.. the BEST breakfast I have had in Europe thus far! They had eggs Benedict, croissant bench toast and creamy eggs with a cheesy gratin. I guarantee you can’t be disappointed if you make a stop here. AND had “insta worthy” pictures. 🙂

Then we made our way over to the Berlin Wall memorial to catch up on a bit of the history in Berlin. It was a sobering little adventure but a must do when you are in the area.

Then it was time to call it quits in Berlin… for now 😉 I’ll be back to Berlin for New Years with more adventures and more recommendations!

Make sure to check back and catch the update!



Author: Janel Fisher

Hey there! My name is Janel Fisher and I'm the girl that is meeting this CRAZY and WONDERFUL world head on!! I like to travel, I LOVE to cook (oh and eat) and I enjoy any activity that is outside. I battle my disease every single day, Multiple Sclerosis but I DON'T let that slow me down. This world is such a HUGE place and I am here to share my world with you!

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