Why I am here!

Hi! My name is Janel Fisher and I currently live in Boblingen, Germany.  I was born in Arnett, Oklahoma.  Never heard of it?… neither has anyone else.  It is a super small community in western Oklahoma in the armpit of the panhandle… Yes, I said “armpit”  There are around 500 people in my town, no stop signs and only one quick stop and one cafe.  Our biggest claim to fame is that we are the county seat. Growing up in a no stop sign town somewhat created a close minded person who had to learn how to grow up and grow out.  I graduated with 12 people and I knew everyone from Pre-K to the Senior class, I knew them all by name, knew where they lived and also knew their parents – that wold be creepy if I knew that in a big city.  Anyways, I finally graduated HS and went to NWOSU (Northwestern Oklahoma State University) where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.  I have to mention, my college was still a super small community in Alva, Oklahoma where again… I knew mostly everyone.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude and then planned out my future… HA.  NOPE I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with my life.

I packed up my bags and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in May of 2013.  I moved in with my sister, Jena who had just bought a house and was working on Ft. Carson as an accountant.  Then real life hit me… I had to find a job to pay the bills and if I wanted to do anything fun.  I found a short term job as a sales manager at a clothing company.  I finally met some friends and made some connections that found me one of the best jobs ever.  I became the Executive Assistant for the Head Football Coach for Air Force Football.  It was such an amazing experience and I became a part of their family.  I definitely know that this is where I grew up, I had great role models around me everyday and people that would do and get whatever they put their minds to.  I loved the atmosphere that I was in and I thrived.

The next chapter of my life is basically my current chapter of my life.  I met my husband during my time in Colorado Springs. We were both out downtown one night, living it up, and it was love at first…. dance?? Great personality, good looking and made me happy. 🙂 Learned he was in the military, and that he would be deployed for a year to Afghanistan.  We took the deployment one day at a time and continued dating while he was away.  Once he came home we moved in together and again he said that soon he would be moving to Germany.  BIG LIFE DECISIONS HAD TO HAPPEN!

Now here is the part of the story that is NOT so fun…   My body started to go numb one limb at a time, then my vision started to go away in one eye and finally I couldn’t walk.  I went to so many doctors, but lets just skip all the bad parts for now.. and voila I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (I will share more on this in another post but this is a very important part in shaping who I am today). My husband stayed with me the whole time, even though he actually was away for most of it. I know that it was just as hard on him to be away from the one he loved, going through a difficult time.

My husband and I got married in 2017 and he is my rock and my life, we then shortly after our wedding moved to Stuttgart, Germany.  We found a cute little German house and actually live in the town of Boblingen.  Again, I had to figure out what to do with my life… which leads us to the now.  I AM A BLOGGER, but why not?  I have things to say, I have information to share, and things i’ve seen and places i’ve been.  I want to share it all with you!  Be prepared for posts on travel with the ins and outs of what we found while there. Also, I’ll share some cooking blog posts and other posts about health and life.  I’m not limiting the blog to anything, this is a lifestyle blog and i’m sharing anything and everything.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you! 🙂

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