Zermatt & The MATTERHORN

Beautiful Matterhorn views are best enjoyed at the very top of the mountain 🏔

My friend and I traveled to zermatt via a train from Stuttgart, Germany. We hopped trains a couple times but 6 hours later we arrived in Zermatt, Switzerland!

We got in late on Sunday night, checked into our hotel, the Alphubel (great location – close to the train station and the Gornergrat train that takes you up the mountain to ski) then decided to go out and find some delish Swiss food! Surprise – it’s fondue!

Swiss Foundue at the Du Pont

The next morning we woke up and started to hit the slopes!
We had to pick up our ski tickets first, which couldn’t have been easier. We just went over to the Zermatter welcome center and got them printed out – had to pay a deposit on the cards but once we returned them we got the money back.
Unfortunately day one of our skiing wasn’t the best – the weather was windy and snowy (made for a great day 2 though!). We did make it to the top of the Gornergrat and skied down even though we couldn’t see a thing! We made it to a Kaffee house on the mountain and refreshed before we went back out to tackle the elements.

At the end of our ski day we kept skiing down the Riffelalp area and made it to a place called Hennu Stall – one of THE best and most fun Apres Ski huts on the mountain!

Apres Ski at the Hennu Stall

We bought two day ski passes to ski the Zermatt ski mountain so day two we hit the slopes and the weather was PERFECT! The sun was shining and you could see the Matterhorn clear as day it was so beautiful! The powder was amazing from the snow the day before and the mountains runs were amazing. The runs are so long and feel like they go on forever but you can find something for everyone to enjoy the day! We mostly skied the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise ski area that day because we had the freshest parts of snow to ourselves.

We made a stop at an outside bar at the bottom of our runs, where we grabbed a bite to eat and also just enjoyed the views of the Matterhorn.

End of day and it was time to head to the Hinnu Stall again! I was looking forward to it all day, even though the skiing for the day was amazing!

Shot Skis!
We might have had a little too much fun 🔥

A couple other bars that we found in the town of Zermatt that are worth checking out are Harry’s where everyone is still in their ski or board gear enjoying everyone’s company and meeting new people.

We also hit up a bar called the Snowboat & Yacht Club – they had some great choices for specialty mixed drinks.

The other bar we found was called Papperla Pub, where they had a live band on the inside and the outside bar area had a “spin the wheel” for 20 CHF and you could win anything from a bottel of champagne to shots of vodka. It was also a lot of fun! The live band was great and we ended up here till the end of the night 🙂

We won a bottle of Champagne 💯

Our last day before we headed out of town and got on our train we walked around the town, found some great shots of the Matterhorn and went shopping in the local stores.

Zermatt and the Matterhorn

We rented our skis at Bayard, made reservations online. The pick up and drop off was effortless and was really close to the train station and our hotel.

We really enjoyed our time in Zermatt and hope to go back again one day, we made some great friends and some great memories.

Hennu Stall

Author: Janel Fisher

Hey there! My name is Janel Fisher and I'm the girl that is meeting this CRAZY and WONDERFUL world head on!! I like to travel, I LOVE to cook (oh and eat) and I enjoy any activity that is outside. I battle my disease every single day, Multiple Sclerosis but I DON'T let that slow me down. This world is such a HUGE place and I am here to share my world with you!

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